Green Napthenate 700

Green Napthenate 700 - Green Napthenate Concentrate for Trawls

Use for trawls, butterfly nets and sports netting. Net dip soaks into netting to lock knots and protect netting from abrasion. Supplied in drums and five gallon pails.

Net Dip for Trawls 700 - Green Napthenate Concentrate Green Napthenate is a great plastic film used for decades on trawl nets. Tried & proven.

• Concentrated version

• Can dilute with Fast Dry Thinner as needed

• Great absorption into nets

What product is needed for trawl nets?

Fish netting is coated in Net Dip to provide a physical barrier to abrasion of the nets. The low viscosity of net dip allows for saturation of the net.