Painting Bare Aluminum Hulls


Those of you with aluminum hulls should heed this caution. DO NOT put bottom paint containing copper directly over aluminum! If you let these two (2) dissimilar metals come into contact with each other and put them into water, you will have just built yourself a large battery! Immediately on contact with water, a process known as electrolysis corrosion will begin to turn your hull into a "Fizzie". So, before putting paint on your aluminum boat check with the experts!

1) Degrease and clean the surface with Dewaxer.

2) Bring aluminum to a uniform bright finish by sandblasting with non-ferrous blast media such as clean silica sand or, if blasting is not possible, grind using a 36-grit wheel. Remove blast or sanding residue with clean air or a broom.

3) Within one hour of blasting or sanding apply the first coat of Bottom Protect Primer. Apply at least 2 additional coats.

4) Apply 2-3 coats of Kolor Bottom Paint.

One final word of advice from this old sea-dog: Never go anywhere without your bottom properly covered! Products Dewaxer Bottom Protect Primer Kolor Bottom Paint