Uraglow™ Reducers

Uraglow™ Reducers

Surface Cleaner is used before and after sanding, between applications of primers, fillers, and topcoats. Removes moisture from the surface, which can cause a gloss finish to come out flat. Also removes waxes, oils, and greases commonly found on painted surfaces and gelcoat.

All reducers are used for all primer, topcoats and clears, and can be blended as needed with each other in any ratio to fine tune flow and evaporation rates.

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Uraglow Surface Cleaner - Gallon

Uraglow Fast Evaporating Reducer - Gallon

55-70 Degrees F

Uraglow Standard Reducer - Gallon

70-85 Degrees F

Uraglow Hot Weather Reducer - Gallon

Above 85 Degrees F