What is Slime Control?


SCX - SLIME CONTROL XTRA is our extraordinary technology that blocks slime growth for a fouling free boat bottom. SCX is a revolutionary set of formulations that will dramatically increase your bottom paint performance, adding both durability and longevity to your hull coatings application. SCX is an exclusive Blue Water technology for keeping the bottoms of boats clean by eliminating the collection of slime. The unique SCX delivery system incorporates organic boosting biocides with powerful anti-fouling agents such as cuprous oxide. SCX Slime Control Xtra technology is used in Copper Pro 67 SCX , Copper Pro 67 SCX HARD, and our Copper Shield SCX 45. This system is over 240 times more effective against algae than copper alone. These new bottom paints therefore offer the strongest protection ever developed against the full spectrum of fouling shells, weeds and slime. Cuprous Oxide is very effective at controlling shell fouling such as barnacles. The use of SCX technology blocks slime from forming on the bottom of you boat. This allows the copper the ability to do a better job of keeping the shell fouling from attaching to the surface.