Where to Buy

Four Ways To Buy Blue Water Marine Paint:

1. Purchase from our Online Store
Click the link to buy from our online web store IPAINT.US

2. Find a Wholesale Distributor

Alton Marine - Taiwan

Atlantic & Gulf - Miami, FL

Barbour's Marine Supply - Beaufort, NC

Bermuda Paint - Bermuda

Bounty Marine - Ft. Myers, FL

Cala Marine - Miami, FL

CEA Industrial - Puerto Rico

Cockrell's Marine Railway - Heathville, VA

Donovan Marine - Norwich, CT

Donovan Marine - Annapolis, MD

Donovan Marine - Charleston, SC

Donovan Marine - Jacksonville, FL

Donovan Marine - Pensacola, FL

Donovan Marine - Clearwater, FL

Donovan Marine - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Donovan Marine - Miami, FL

Donovan Marine - New Orleans, LA

Donovan Marine - Houston, TX

Eastern Burlap - Norfolk, VA

Ellett Brothers - Chapin, SC

Farwest Paint - Seattle, WA

Fiberglass Coatings - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Fiberglass Coatings - St. Petersburg, FL

First Choice Marine Supply - Tampa, FL

Framar Distributors - Puerto Rico

Hamilton Marine - Searsport, ME

Harbor Marine - Everett, WA

Hillman Marine - Dickinson, TX

Jamestown Distributors - Bristol, RI

Onward Shipyard Supply - Kemah, TX

Paint Suuply - Norfolk, VA

Rappahannock Supply - Church View, VA

Vida Paint - Morgan City, LA

Wanchese Trawl - Wanchese, NC

3. Buy from our Etailer Partners:

You can purchase from one of our retailer partners below:

  • Amazon

  • Boat Bandit

  • Bottom Paint Store

  • Go2Marine

  • iboats

  • Jamestown Distributors

  • Marine Trading Post

4. Contact Blue Water Marine Paint

Purchase directly by phone by calling toll free at 1.800.628-8422 (U.S.) from 8 AM - 5 PM EST, Monday-Friday.

Ask for Blue Water at fine boatyards & marine retail stores.