Which Coating Should I Use?


Added to our ablative antifoulings - SCX - Slime Control Xtra allows the coating to do it's job exceptionally. SCX testing produced results 250 times more effective than with copper alone.

Examples Copper Pro 67 SCX Copper Shield 45 SCX


Wears down like a bar of soap at a controlled rate, which results in always having fresh biocide at the surface of the paint.. There is no build-up of coatings that will eventually have to be removed from the surface.

Examples Copper Pro 67 Copper Shield 45 Kolor


Hard Epoxy Resin Technology provides a hard hull. Hard antifoulings are best for powerboats, racing sailboats, or boats that are regularly hauled and cleaned. The biocide will oxidize when hauled and stored for the season, but can be sanded to regain antifouling protection. This is a full season coating for boats that are regularly by a diver.

Examples Copper Pro 67 SCX HARD Copper Shield 45 SCX HARD